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Are you searching for the most trustworthy, professional concrete contractors in Aurora, IL? Welcome to Aurora Concrete Co., where excellence meets expertise.

As a leading concrete contractor, we proudly cater to Aurora, Illinois and its neighboring areas. 

We offer residential, commercial, and specialty concrete work and are committed to providing clients with unparalleled concrete solutions.

Backed by years of invaluable experience, we boast the reputation of being the foremost reliable and proficient concrete contractor in Aurora, IL.

Our Services as Concrete Contractors in Aurora, IL

Residential Concrete Services

We provide a wide variety of residential services and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, professionalism, and craftsmanship when helping their dreams become reality.

Concrete Driveways

With your specific needs, space, and desired appearance in mind, we design and install durable concrete driveways that will withstand heavy use and extreme weather.

Concrete Patios

We specialize in crafting tailor-made concrete patios that seamlessly integrate aesthetics with functionality.

Fully customize your patio with your choice of finishes such as stamped concrete and stained concrete.

Sidewalks & Walkways

In our construction of concrete sidewalks and walkways, we prioritize safety and accessibility.

From basic to eye-catching designs, we handle it all and aim to create functional, visually pleasing results that surpass your expectations.

Stamped Concrete

We provide numerous stamped concrete project installations to both residential and commercial clients.

Based on your preferences, you can mimic the look of natural wood, stone, pebbles, tile, cobblestone, slate, or brick and further customize by selecting a color.

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls aren’t just a practical solution to problem slopes and erosion.

With the right customization, they can elevate the appearance of your property and bring a layer of beauty to your outdoor living spaces.

Commercial Concrete Services

We offer a variety of concrete services to both small and large businesses. Our commercial clients receive the same quality guarantees and professionalism as our residential customers do.

Concrete Slabs & Foundations

Our slabs and foundations are meticulously crafted with precision and strength, guaranteeing enduring stability for years to come.

Parking Lots & Drive-Thrus

Our parking lot and drive-thru paving is designed to withstand constant heavy-duty use, high traffic volume, and rough weather conditions through the years without compromising appearance.

Decorative Concrete

In commercial settings, aesthetics are crucial, and that’s why we specialize in decorative choices such as stamped concrete for entrances and common areas to enhance the overall appeal and provide your customers with a warm welcome.

Specialty Concrete Work

Not all customers are looking for new project installations or basic functionality. To meet all needs, our quality concrete services include:

Concrete Repair and Maintenance

We proudly offer multiple repair and maintenance services to correct and avoid issues such as normal wear and tear, minor cracks, chipping, sinking, and major damage.

These services ensure your concrete surfaces remain as strong, functional, and visually appealing as they did upon installation.

Concrete Sealing and Waterproofing

Safeguard your investment with our sealing and waterproofing services.

We use only the highest-quality sealants to provide a protective shield against water damage, stains, and the adverse effects of weather to elevate durability and maintain the natural beauty of your concrete.

Stained Concrete

Our stained concrete color options can help you elevate ordinary concrete to achieve a unique look that will complement your landscape.

Choose a standard color or create a custom tone that will resist fading for decades.


A concrete worker smoothing concrete in Aurora, Illinois.

Expertise & Experience: Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals brings years of knowledge and experience to every project.

Exceptional Materials & Craftsmanship: We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials and up-to-date methods, technology, and equipment to ensure that every project remains in great shape for years to come.

Customer-Focused Approach: In our company, customers come first, and your utmost satisfaction is our goal. We strive to make your visions a reality while exceeding your expectations in every way.

High Safety Standards: At Aurora Concrete Co. the safety of our team and clients is always the top priority. We follow strict safety protocols no matter how small or large your project is.


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Discuss your needs and visions with us, and together we’ll create a plan to bring your dreams to life.

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Watch as our skilled craftsmen work to make your design a reality.

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Review & Completion

We review our work with a trained eye to ensure it meets our quality standards and your expectations.

Benefits of Using Concrete

A worker smoothing a freshly poured concrete sidewalk in Aurora, IL.

Highly Cost-Effective: Compared to other options, you get more value when using concrete due to its affordable installation costs, long-lasting nature, resilience, strength, and low maintenance requirements.

Fast Installation: Once your plan is in place, installation goes quickly because concrete hardens and sets well even when the weather is less than cooperative.

Versatile & Customizable: Concrete is ideal for a wide variety of interior and exterior projects. It can be molded, stained, or stamped to accommodate virtually any design.

Highly Resistant: Concrete is highly water-resistant and tolerates fluctuating temperatures with ease.

Answering Your Questions

How much do concrete contractors charge?

The cost charged by concrete contractors can vary widely based on factors such as location, project size and complexity, materials needed, labor costs, and total time needed to complete the project.

What should I look for when choosing a concrete contractor?

Before deciding on a concrete contractor, consider their years of experience, communication skills, local reputation, references from past clients, licensing and insurance coverage, project pricing and timeline, and guarantees provided.

What is the best time of year for concrete projects?

Spring and fall are often ideal times for concrete work as the risk of extreme weather is low. Periods of dry, moderate weather, regardless of the season, offer the best conditions for curing.

How long does a concrete driveway last?

The lifespan of a concrete driveway can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the construction, climate conditions, maintenance, and usage.

On average, a well-constructed and properly maintained concrete driveway can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years or more.

How can I customize my concrete?

There are many options when it comes to concrete customization. Stamped concrete and stained or colored concrete are popular choices.

Additional options include inlays, textured finishes, polishing, and embedded lighting for those looking to add a dramatic or unique effect.